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lol比赛押注|a set of proposed regulations for China ‘ s online ride-hailing industry are shaping up as a bell wether of how much internet ” disruption Lerate仅次于中国的几家高科技企业正在密切关注这些规定。last month the Ministry of transport published draft rules that would le galise the nascent sector but could also stifle it with Bure aucratic red tape上个月,中国交通部公布了有关规定的《印发稿》,给了该行业一个月的时间。这些规定并不突出这个新生行业的合法性,但可能会被官僚主义繁琐的官僚主义助长该行业。

that has thrown ride-hailing companies including San Francisco-based Uber and Didi kuai di,its local competitor,Into a behind-the-scenes与法规《印发稿》的发布相关。包括UBER(UBER)和DIDI Kuaidi(DIDI Kuaidi)在内的汽车被适用于企业,被迫重新加入围绕新规定的幕后游说活动。(新规可能会将运营成本提高到无利可图的水平。

)优步是总部位于旧金山的企业,慢的是中国国内的竞争对手。the sector ‘ s potential is huge . Didi,in an investor presentation in June,Predicted that the Chinese ride-hailing market would be worth这个行业的潜力是巨大的。迪迪(Didi)在今年6月的一次报告中预测,到2020年,中国将汽车应用于市场的年规模或500亿美元以上。UBO CEO兹拉维斯(Travis Kalanick)估计,中国占世界汽车总数的30%,到今年年底,中国的汽车数量将达到美国。


but the regulatory environment is a wild card . it is technically illegal for private cars to operate as taxis in China,though enforcement is理论上是私家车这方面的执法官员很稳健。More important,experts see the car-hailing rules as precedent setting . as companies including Alibaba,Tencent and Baidu push ii Statecar-hailing regulations ” will be an indicator,a precedent for things to come “,says Jenny lee,Beijing-based managing叫做“汽车服务规定。”将下达命令,为未来的工作开创先例。

“这是对起源资本(GGV Capital)管理合作伙伴李鸿伟(Jenny Lee)对缓慢投资展开的回应。”this is a space that all the big guys are in。it’s not a strategic sector,not finance,tele coms or media . the vested interests are local taxi companies,without a lot of political既得利益者是政治影响力不太大的地方出租车公司。



“The proposed framework would oblige internet apps to register all their cars as commercial vehicles,Subjecting them to The same laws as taxisboth Uber and Didi say Ug hly three-quarters of their drivers are part-time,and the new rules would force them off the road优势和滴滴,平台上约四分之三的司机都是全职员工part-time drivlol比赛押注ers and their vehicles should be allowed on the road in order to make the sharing economy really about sharing,“says didi .the company says most of its drivers do four to five rides per day,and licensing as commercial vehicles ” would make it prohot该公司表示,在下降平台上,75%的驾驶员每天都在下降Didi kuai di,February by the merger of Didi Dache and Kuai Di Dache,is backed by Tencent and Alibaba,中国台湾地区IT Says It Controls 83 per cent of the cect慢慢得到仅次于中国的两家互联网公司腾讯(Tencent)和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的投资,两家公司都享有约25%的缓慢股权。缓慢地掌握了汽车市场83%的市场份额。Uber,in which Chinese search engine Baidu Holds an undisclosed stake,is in second place with a market share that Mr Kalanick puts at 30-。中国搜索引擎百度(Baidu)享有优步的部分股权,因此多少没有公开。

both are optimistic about their staying power . each expects to invest over $ 1 bn this year in China,spent largely on subsidies aimed at gat两家公司but there is no consensus in the government about how to oversee the sector,which licensed taxi drivers complain costs them money and jobs。但是,Last month[October]Shanghai gave Didi the country ‘ s first municipal operating licence after the company agreed to a far slimmer set of10月8日,在慢慢同意遵守更简洁的规则后,上海市将中国第一个市级网络租车平台资格许可证授予滴滴。很多人指出,这一示范最终有可能展开到全国。

optimism evaporated when the transport Ministry just days la ter published its national rules。
“there are some positive bases and we ‘ revery encouraged,says Didi . the draft framework”actually recognises the legal existences因为有理由保持悲观,所以没有激励措施。”“虽然事实上否认了茶业不存在的合法性3354,但只有在非常苛刻的监管范围内才具备合法性。”In China,where respect for authority is good business practice,Didi and Uber have couched their dissent carefully . but citizen groups and但是民间团体和法规方面的专家——主张说,与该行业没有关联的——已经开始对赞成专车法规的《印发稿》大加倾听。

”“wrote six economists last month in an editorial in Caijing,A leading fining”,there are massive flaws in the draft and it should not be enacted一位经济学家写道:“《印发稿》没有根本的不足,不能实施。这种不足不会太妨碍网络租车新型形式的发展。”the outcry has forced the transport Ministry into a public response。

这些抗议被交通部强迫公开发表。In an interview published by Xinhua,the official news agency,Ministry inspector Xu yahua said that ” as a key service industry,Itbut he added 3360 ” as for exactly how this will be done,we need to listen to the suggestions from society,and gradually perfect it in praame_lol比赛押注。



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